Jo Phillips

Candidate for Edinburgh South

Jo Phillips is the Green candidate for Edinburgh South in the 2024/2025 General Election.

My name is Jo Phillips and I am proud to be representing the Scottish Greens’ as the Edinburgh South candidate in this year’s Westminster Election. I have lived with my family in Edinburgh for over 23 years and during this time, worked as a landscape architect on a range of sustainability and renewable energy projects. 

My motivation to become a Westminster candidate is rooted in my belief that we need to do more to care for our planet and our people, and that the Scottish Greens is the party to deliver the positive and progressive change that this nation so desperately needs. 

My election campaign will focus on the urgency of tackling the worsening climate crisis; the importance of redressing deepening social inequalities, and the need to grow our green economy and restore our diminished public services.

I want to give the people of Edinburgh South the opportunity to vote for a future where we are putting planet before profit, a future in which diplomacy and peace win over conflict and war; and a future in which every citizen can enjoy a decent standard of living within a fair, just and inclusive society. 

The Scottish Greens have the people and the policies to bring about the political change that is so badly needed in the UK. I believe our planet and people deserve a much better deal and I will be fighting for that better deal at every step of this election campaign.