Kate Nevens

Scottish Greens list candidate for Lothian Region

Kate Nevens - vote like our future depends on it: vote Green

Kate Nevens stood as a candidate for the Greens on the Lothian list in the Scottish Parliamentary elections, May 2022.

I’m originally from Norwich (also home to Alan Partridge) and I first moved to Edinburgh as a student in 2001. I came back five years ago to make this city my permanent home – and even got a dog! I love the warm and welcoming atmosphere here, and all our amazing green and community spaces.

I work as a freelance facilitator, trainer and researcher, supporting charities and community organisations across Scotland and around the world. My professional background is in international development and human rights and equality, with a focus on gender equality, youth political participation and peacebuilding. I’ve previously worked in management positions for Saferworld, Engender, Chatham House and Amnesty Scotland among others.

I’m an experienced campaigner and am passionate about green politics. I’m a feminist activist, and campaign on issues such as the two child benefit cap and rape clause, abortion rights, trans rights, and women’s political participation. I also do a lot of anti-arms trade activism, including recently helping organise a demonstration against a major arms fair in Glasgow, and I volunteer with a local community centre for New Scots.

I’ve previously stood as a candidate for the Scottish Green Party in the general election in 2019, for Edinburgh South, and the Edinburgh local council elections in 2017.

Why I’m standing

  • Climate crisis: I want to see urgent, radical action on the climate crisis. We have less than ten years to tackle climate breakdown, and the other major parties are falling far short of the commitments that are needed.
  • Secure housing and universal basic income: The covid pandemic has highlighted so many of the ways in which our communities are riven with deep inequalities. I want to ensure that everyone has access to safe and secure housing, and that we push to bring universal basic income for everyone in Scotland.
  • Rights and equality: I’m worried we’re seeing a roll back in rights and equalities in Scotland and in the UK more widely. I’m proud the Scottish Green Party’s strong progressive stances on issues such as abortion rights, trans rights and refugee rights, and want to see this vision realised in Scotland.
  • Immigration and asylum: I also want to see a more just and humane immigration and asylum system, and I will campaign for safe, legal routes for refugees, to end detention, and to establish a system where asylum-seekers can work, vote and be reunited with their family members.
  • From arms to renewables: In Scotland, I want to see us start transitioning jobs in weapons manufacturing and fossil fuels into jobs in renewable energy, and to end all public investments in arms and fossil fuel companies. And to start conversations about how we build an economy based on equality, peace and wellbeing rather than growth.

I’m really excited to be a lead candidate for the Lothian list for the Greens, alongside the amazing Alison Johnstone and Lorna Slater, and I look forward to bringing our collective vision to Holyrood in May.



Will you vote for Our Common Future?

As the Scottish Green Party publish ‘Our Common Future’, our manifesto for the Scottish Parliament election, Lothian lead candidate Kate Nevens shares her vision of an independent, fairer, greener Scotland and urges all of us to vote like our future depends on it.

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