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Global voiceScotland can ban fracking

Scotland can be a bolder democracy

Scotland can be a global citizen

Scotland can be a healthy society

Scotland can be an environmental leader

Scotland can be a just nation

Scotland can unleash our creativity

Leaflets and Posters


Vote Green

For a bolder Holyrood
It’s time to get involved
Better Scotland, Bolder Holyrood
Imagine what more Green MSPs could achieve


Scotland can have an open and accessible Parliament
Radical Devolution
Revive local democracy
Local councils should be able to raise their own tax
Equal opportunities and equal access to resources
Make equality a core principle of the public sector


Right to buy from renewable sources
Halt the government assault on renewables
Managed transition to fossil-free energy sources

Support community-owned renewables
The fossil fuel age is coming to an end
Lead the transition to a low carbon economy


Frack off


Wealth is being pulled to the wealthy, not pooled and shared
Scotland can lead on equality

Social Services

We don’t want to see Scotland’s services trashed
Supporting people is an investment
Roll back welfare cuts
Scotland can provide caring services


Enhance energy efficiency
Only Greens are bold enough for private rented sector reform


Savings for low and middle earners
Income tax brackets
Scrap the council tax

Local taxes to fund local services
Tax should be about reducing inequality
Scrap the council tax

Animal Welfare

Respect nature and ourselves

Food & Agriculture

Reshape the food system for a changing climate
Sustainable agriculture and biodiversity


Demonstrate a radical Scotland
Yes activists are closer to the Greens than other parties
The people will decide the timing of the next referendum


Scotland can care for its carers


Reform Police Scotland

Foreign Affairs

Scotland can be a global citizen
Scotland can play an active and compassionate role in the world
Scotland can have a louder voice


Maggie Chapman: make hope possible
Patrick Harvie: make Scotland a better place
Patrick Harvie: push the government beyond its comfort zone
Patrick Harvie: don’t prioritise standardised testing
Patrick Harvie: design a welfare state for Scotland
Patrick Harvie: we create the wealth
Patrick Harvie: tackle inequality to improve health
Patrick Harvie: the welfare state is being used to bully people
Patrick Harvie: we will close the inequality gap
Sarah Beattie-Smith: I won’t wait for gender equality
Kirsten Robb: we need to elect more women
Alison Johnstone: women should control their own fertility and education
Maggie Chapman: austerity is economy violence that hits women most
John Finnie: gender justice is about basic human rights and tackling poverty
Mark Ruskell: fracking is outdated
John Finnie: rent controls, more social homes, and an end to fuel poverty

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