Old Town canvassing session – holiday lets

24 November 2018 @ 11:00
Grassmarket, opp Fiddler's Arms
After a great turnout at door-knocking last weekend, with very positive response from the residents we spoke to, City Centre Greens will hold another canvassing action session. Can you help? People from all areas of the city are very welcome!

Meetup details:
– In front of the Fiddlers Arms pub on the Grassmarket
– 11am on Saturday 24th November

– Followed by coffee/drinks/lunch at the Fiddlers Arms from 12:30pm

We will be going door-to-door in this area of the Old Town where we know there are a high number of holiday lets. Our aim is to offer practical help to anyone who is suffering problems in relation to holiday lets in their stair, and to tell residents what the Greens have achieved in the council and the parliament. Cllr Claire Miller will give you all the info you need to have these conversations when we meet up.

Those of you who haven’t done door to door campaigning before are very welcome. At last week’s session, half of the group either hadn’t done door knocking before or had not done it for many years, so they paired up with more experienced activists and took brief notes during conversations with residents. If you haven’t done this before please do come along, it’s really helpful to have a note taker and it would be lovely to see you.

Claire will provide all the information and materials when we meet up on Saturday 24. Please let her know you’re planning to come – email edin.city.centre@scottishgreens.org.uk Remember to wear a Green badge or hoodie if you have one!