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Melanie Main

Melanie Main is our Green Councillor for the Morningside ward, having been re-elected in May 2017.  She serves as the party’s audit, governance, health and social care spokesperson on the City of Edinburgh Council.

Melanie has lived in and around the area for over 30 years.  She attended James Gillepsies’ and at Edinburgh University she had her first taste of politics, serving a sabbatical as Hononary Treasurer of EUSA (Edinburgh University Students Association).

Melanie joined the Green Group of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament for 4 years and now works for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.   She lives locally with her husband and daughter. She has been a community councillor in Marchmont  for 8 years,  serving as Treasurer, Chair and  Planning Officer.

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Right of way for Holy Corner.

Cllr Melanie Main is using her expertise to ensure that the public can continue to walk through the Bank of Scotland land at Holy Corner.

To the community’s dismay, the bank closed in July and is now for sale. This was one of the earliest buildings to be erected at Holy Corner and for generations people have cut through its grounds, ensuring the safety of young and old with pushchairs, wheelchairs, dogs and shopping bags at this very busy junction.

Making the case for this important Right of Way needs evidence of continuous use as a footpath – a campaign to collect this evidence has begun – the form to fill out and return is here: 2017-08-08 BoS Path Questionnaire

A short history of Dig-in – the first urban community owned greengrocer in Scotland.

Many people ask me about my involvement with Dig-in – the first urban community owned greengrocer in Scotland.   I spent two years working tirelessly with the team to literally make a dream come true.

I was there right at the beginning when ideas were batted about over Bruntsfield shop counters, meetings were held literally on the shop floor and the latest news about supermarkets invading our High streets was the gossip of the day in South Edinburgh.  I was asked to chair the steering group that set up Dig-in and was founding Chair from January 2013 to February 2015.

I will always be very proud of being one of the original team that and I am equally proud to support those who work so tirelessly now – staff, volunteers and the management committee.

Our vibrant local high streets across the whole of Edinburgh, including  Morningside and Bruntsfield are very precious and I will do all I can to ensure their health, success and a positive future.

Read the full story here: Dig-in Community Greengrocers

Sara Marsden is our candidate for Colinton-Fairmilehead, the Ward next to Morningside. You can contact her at:

Astley Ainslie asserted rights of way granted. 

Green stall

Green Stall


I spent a few hours today at the gates for Astley Ainslie celebrating getting Asserted rights of way through the site. It was lovely to hear so many personal stories –  one dad with his very young daughter had been showing her the places he used to play as a child; grannies talked about taking their grand children to climb the huge old trees, a retired nurse talked about patients recovering aided by watching the local world go by.

Best of all a senior citizen, resigned to selling up and moving home realised that the rights of way meant she would still be able to walk through to shops and Morningside when the NHS sold the site making it possible and practical to stay in her home.   Proof that green space is good for you.

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