The Edinburgh Committee runs the branch and provides liaison between the members and our elected representatives, and the general political direction of the branch. It is elected at the AGM every June.

As one of the larger branches, we have two Co-Convenors, at least one of whom must be a woman in accordance with the Scottish Greens’ policy of gender balancing. The Co-Convenors are the leaders of the branch, and represent the branch to the wider party at Scottish Green Party Council. The Vice Convenor supports the Co-Covenors and acts in their stead when they’re not available.

The Secretary keeps the Committee in order, and the Treasurer keeps their eye on the purse strings. Our Membership Secretary will be the first point of contact for most new members, and deals with issues that may arise. The Election Liaison Officer ensures we are legally compliant with all statutes that cover local and national elections, and acts as our Returning Officer.

The Policy Officer acts as our liaison with our councillors and the parliamentary team, and develops policy with an Edinburgh eye. The Campaigns Officer develops and supports campaigns run by the branch, and also acts as a liaison for local events relating to national campaigns.  The Fundraising Officer acts with the Treasurer and attempts to raise funds for the branch.

The Communications Co-ordinator produces the monthly email newsletter and convenes the Communications Working Group which works on communications development, and oversees teams of volunteers who run the branch social media accounts, look after the website and produce our ward editions of Green News.

We also have four Ordinary Members, who do not have a specific portfolio but pitch in wherever and whenever they are needed.

Sub-Branches (currently South East Edinburgh and Leith & Leith Walk) elect representatives to sit on the committee.

Committee meetings are also attended by representatives from Edinburgh Young Greens, the Green Councillor Group and the Parliamentary Group to ensure good communication and accountability.

The current committee is:

  • Co-Convenors: Evelyn Weston and Bill Wilson
  • Vice Convenor: position vacant
  • Welfare and Conduct Officer: Phyl Meyer
  • Secretary: Konstanze McLeod
  • Treasurer: Becky Luff
  • Membership Secretary: Mathew Nicholson
  • Election Liaison Officer: Dave Owen
  • Communications Co-ordinator: Jenny Smith
  • Policy Officer: Tristan Gray
  • Events and Engagement Officer: Justin Ryan
  • Fundraising Officer: Alys Mumford
  • Local Groups Development Officer: Robert Williamson
  • Campaigns Officer: position vacant
  • Ordinary Members: Andrew Brough, Simon Fildes, Conrad Hughes, Bob Keim
  • South East Edinburgh Representative: John Nichol
  • Leith & Leith Walk Representative: Fiona Keay

If you would be interested in filling an unfilled post, or supporting the committee by sitting on a working group, please get in contact with our co-conveners on