Party Structure

Crowd4So where does Edinburgh Greens fit in with the Scottish Green Party as a whole?

Edinburgh Greens is a branch of the Scottish Green Party (SGP). SGP is run by a series of committees and working groups, overseen by the SGP Council. Elections for the various bodies are held every year and members are encouraged to stand for positions which interest them.

SGP Council

SGP Council is run by two co-conveners, one male and one female, directly elected by the members. They act as chief spokespeople for the party as well as facilitating internal party communication and cooperation.

  • Female Co-Convener: Maggie Chapman
  • Male Co-Convener: Patrick Harvie
  • Vice-Convener: Isla O’Reilly

Council also includes: committee conveners, branch convenors and representatives, delegates from the parliamentarians and councillors.

Elections and Campaigns Committee (ECC)

The ECC is responsible for developing elections strategy; coordinating and running elections and other campaigns; developing a general campaigning strategy; supporting branches in local elections.

International Committee

The International Committee is responsible for liaising with international bodies and ensuring that SGP is represented on those bodies, and keeping the party informed of developments involving our international partners.

Operations Committee (Ops)

Ops is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Party, including ensuring the legality of the Party; implementation of decisions made at Conference, AGM or Council; management of party communications, finance and member services; management of the Office and staff; organisation of Conference and Meetings.

Policy Committee

This committee is responsible for developing and co-ordinating detailed policy positions for the Party; identifying and proposing solutions for policy gaps; presenting policy to the SGP and the public.

Standing Orders Committee (SOC)

SOC is responsible for maintaining the Constitution; advising on the interpretation of Standing Orders for branches, members and committees; determining the agenda of Conference; overseeing candidate selection.