West Lothian Greens

Greens in West Lothian are working on creating a new branch of the Scottish Green Party – come and get involved!

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email us to keep in touch.

Current Committee Members:

  • Acting Co-Convenor: Cameron Glasgow
  • Linlithgow Team Coordinator: Caroline Racionzer

If you are a member of the Scottish Green Party and live within West Lothian we are looking for extra help with the set up of our new branch, if you think you could help in some capacity get in touch with us!

Better Buses are needed in West Lothian

West Lothian Council are set to cut up to £500,000 of subsidies for local bus routes that connect our communities and get people to school, college, university or work. During our current climate emergency, this is the wrong message to be sending as we should be encouraging people onto public transport to reduce our carbon emissions, this is why the West Lothian Greens are working to push for Better Buses in West Lothian.

Scotland Deserves Better Buses: lower pollution, fair fares, less congestion, reliable service

Greens at Pride 2019

This year the West Lothian Greens attended West Lothian Pride as a Green Bloc marching through Livingston to show the parties solidarity with those around the world who are unable to express who they truly are due to their governments oppression of the LGBTQ+ community. We also show solidarity with the Trans community here in Scotland who still can not be secure in their identity due to the law and the lack of action of our Scottish Government to give the Trans Community the security they need instead putting the legislation “under review”.

West Lothian Pride 2019

The Green flag flying above the Pride marchers (Photo Credits: Xpression Photography)