Westminster Election 2019

For the upcoming Westminster general election, Edinburgh Greens have decided to stand in all 5 seats in the capital and to support our candidate in the Livingston seat as well. Here’s who our candidates are and how you can support our campaign. 


Please help us run our best-ever Westminster campaign by donating to our Crowdfunder campaign fund.

Meet the Green Candidates

Green candidate – Edinburgh East constituency

Claire has served as Green councillor for Edinburgh City Centre ward since 2017, working hard for the people in her ward and across the city. Claire has a strong record of defending the rights of EU citizens in Scotland and speak up in favour of immigration. She offers a fresh, common sense and future-focused approach to politics, and puts climate at the top of the agenda.

Contact Claire:
e   claire.miller@scottishgreens.org.uk 
t   @CllrCMiller
f   @CllrCMiller

Green candidate – Edinburgh North and Leith constituency

Steve has been Green councillor for Southside/Newington ward since 2007. He has extensive experience in leading on Green issues within the Council, in particular on the Climate Emergency. The UK Government’s woeful response to the Climate Emergency is top of Steve’s agenda.

Contact Steve:
t   @SteveAMBurgess 
f   @steveamburgess

Green candidate – Edinburgh South constituency

Kate is Co-convenor of the Edinburgh Greens and the party’s International Committee. Kate is an experienced campaigner and public speaker, working as a facilitator for charities and community organisations in Scotland and globally. She is keen to engage in conversations about arms manufacturing and export, creating safe passages for asylum seekers, and building a feminist, human rights-based foreign policy.

Contact Kate:
t   @katenevens
f   @katenevensSGP

Green candidate – Edinburgh South West constituency

Current Co-convenor of Edinburgh Greens and former Co-Chair of the Young Greens of England and Wales, Ben has a long history of activism and campaigning on Green issues. From fighting climate change, resisting Brexit and supporting trans / non-binary rights, Ben is a believer in social and environmental justice. He currently works two part time jobs as a Volunteer Coordinator for a Scotland-wide disability housing charity and shop manager for a Fairtrade shop.

Contact Ben:
e   ben.parker@scottishgreens.org.uk
t   @benparker18
f   @benparkerSGP

Green candidate – Edinburgh West constituency

Elaine’s career path has been wide and varied, taking in both the public and private sectors in senior project management and marketing / communications roles. Communicating the radical and unique Green message in voter-friendly language is Elaine’s particular strength.

Contact Elaine:
e   elaine.gunn@scottishgreens.org.uk
f   @elaine.gunn.33886

Green candidate – Livingston constituency

Cameron is one of West Lothian’s leading young campaigners on the major issues of our time: the climate emergency and the right wing populism which has fuelled Brexit. He already has many hours under his belt talking to people on the doorsteps in and around Livingston, and is Convenor of the West Lothian Greens.

Contact Cameron:
e   cameron.glasgow@scottishgreens.org.uk
t   @CamiGlasgowSGP

Support the campaign

Please donate to our campaign funds to allow us to be ready as soon as an election is called. Click the button below to learn more:

You can also email the branch with any queries regarding donations: campaigns.edin@scottishgreens.org.uk.

Check Edinburgh branch facebook and Twitter once the election is called for campaign news and ways to actively support the campaign, from canvassing to leaflet deliveries.