The 2011 Scottish Parliament campaign in Lothian

Greens in Edinburgh have teamed up with our sister branches in West Lothian and Midlothian to mount the biggest ever campaign for the Scottish Parliament election in 2011.

Below you can find out more about what we are doing locally.  If you want details of the Greens’ key policies and what is happening in other areas go to the Scottish Green Party website.

Greens are standing only on the regional list: that is the list which elects 7 MSPs who represent the whole of the Lothian area rather than individual constituencies.  These 7 MSPs are elected through a second ballot paper, which is why the regional vote is often called a “second vote”. 

We have had the privilege of supporting Robin Harper as our Green MSP for the region since the Parliament was established in 1999.  Robin is the UK’s first Green Parliamentarian and the longest-serving so far.  But now Robin is standing down as an MSP and a new candidate, Alison Johnstone, is seeking your support to replace him.  In fact, it is quite possible that two Green MSPs can be elected in Lothian, just as was the case in 2003-2007 when Mark Ballard joined Robin Harper in the Parliament. 

We will be asking voters to choose Greens as the only alternative to politics as usual; to agree with us that there is a way of investing in vital public services, rather than simply facing cuts; that the only future for the city and the region is a greener and fairer one.   You can read more in our special Lothian election newspaper.

So our campaign is an exciting one.  We are planning to be on tens of thousands of doorsteps with our message – you can see examples of our election special newsletters on our local teams pages.  Action days throughout Edinburgh are planned and we will ensure that the city has strong visual reminders to vote Green on polling day.

Do please volunteer with us, join us and above all give us your second vote on polling day!