West Lothian Greens

Green MSPs for Lothians COVID-19 Response (NEW)

Our Green MSPs have been working incredibly hard during this pandemic to hold the government to account on their response to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Alison Johnstone MSP (Spokesperson for Health & Sport, Social Security, Children & Young People)

Alison has been working hard to secure regular testing of frontline NHS staff including carers throughout the crisis. Her attempts to get the government on board with this policy has gained support from organisations such as the Royal College of Nursing and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. She also asked the Scottish Government to pay all Scottish Nurses registration fees for 2020.

Alison has also called for Scotland to begin a “Test and Trace” system for COVID-19 testing to control the virus. (You can read her article on Test and Trace here)

As Social Security spokesperson for the Greens, Alison has also voiced support for a Universal Basic Income recovery scheme to help support society as we look towards the post-COVID world.


Andy Wightman MSP (Spokesperson for Local Government, Communities, Housing & Land Reform)

Our 2nd Green MSP for the Lothians Andy Wightman has been working to make sure tenants and small businesses are represented during the COVID-19 crisis.

Whilst landlords have been handed financial support from the Scottish Government in the form of a £5 Million relief fund, mortgages holidays and interest-free loans their tenants have been left behind to face the consequences of economic lockdown.

Andy is calling for an Emergency Rent Freeze to give tenants the relief they need to stop people falling into poverty and maintain a good standard of living. As part of his amendments to the 2nd COVID-19 Bill that will pass through parliament on the 19th of May, Andy has proposed a Two Year Rent Freeze, a duty on the Scottish Government to set up a tenants’ relief fund, following their establishment of a £5million loan fund for landlords, a ban on any eviction proceedings after the crisis on the basis of rent arrears accrued during the crisis and finally a requirement that any landlord who accessing public support, such as the loan fund, cannot evict tenants on the grounds of rent arrears accrued during the crisis.

You can show support to Andy’s amendments here


Andy is also holding virtual surgeries for constituents every Friday starting on the 15th of May. You can book an appointment by emailing andy.wightman.msp@parliament.scot, make sure to send your postcode and a brief explanation of the issue you wish to discuss with Andy.