Edinburgh Elections 2022

On this page: Election Results, our Manifesto for Edinburgh and the Scottish Greens Local Election Broadcast.

Election Results

10 Green councillors – congratulations Kayleigh, Jule, Dan, Ben, Claire, Susan, Chas, Alex, Steve and Alys! And many thanks to all our candidates and volunteers who have worked so hard for this fantastic result.

WardCandidateGreen #1 VotesHolds/Gains+/- 2017
AlmondAndrew Brough736 (5.3%)+2.7%
Pentland HillsRoss Muller870 (7.8%)+3.5%
Drum Brae/GyleAnne Scott554 (5.9%)+1.5%
ForthKayleigh O’Neill1,337 (12.7%)GAIN+2.7%
InverleithJule Bandel1,714 (12.8%)GAIN+0.5%
Corstorphine/MurrayfieldConnal Hughes784 (6.9%)+1.7%
Sighthill/GorgieDan Heap1,116 (13.3%)GAIN-1.6%
Colinton/FairmileheadHelen McCabe621 (5.4%)+1.2%
Fountainbridge/CraiglockhartMegan McHaney1,800 (19.9%)-7.7%
MorningsideBen Parker2,854 (21.1%)HOLD+1.7%
City CentreClaire Miller1,755 (19.8%)HOLD-0.7%
Leith WalkSusan Rae2,847 (25.9%)HOLD+6.2%
LeithChas Booth2,169 (25.7%)HOLD+3.4%
Craigentinny/DuddingstonAlex Staniforth1,706 (16.5%)HOLD+4.8%
Southside/NewingtonSteve Burgess2,717 (23.0%)HOLD+2.7%
Liberton/GilmertonJohn Nichol1,023 (8.2%)+3.1%
Portobello/CraigmillarAlys Mumford1,808 (16.2%)HOLD+1.1%

Our Manifesto for Edinburgh

Think Global Act Local – a Green Edinburgh for Everyone

Or you can listen to it here:

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Edinburgh Greens Manifesto 2022 cover

Scottish Greens Local Election Broadcast