Holyrood 2021

Meet the Green candidates campaigning to win three seats in the Lothian region at Holyrood in May 2021

Alison Johnstone, Lorna-Slater and Andy Wightman
Left to right – Alison Johnstone MSP, Lorna Slater, Andy Wightman MSP

We are campaigning for our biggest Holyrood election victory. Alison Johnstone, Andy Wightman and Lorna Slater are the lead Green candidates in Lothian.

The Greens have set their sights on returning three MSPs in Lothian region in 2021, with party co-leader Lorna Slater seeking to join sitting MSPs Alison and Andy in Holyrood. 

Find the full list of Green candidates for Lothian here

Throughout Scotland the latest polls indicate a record 10 Green MSPs being elected in May, but we aren’t taking that for granted. From environmental protections to fairness for our young people, we’ve shown with six MSPs that green votes get things done. With the clock ticking ever faster on climate change it’s vital to show that a Green Recovery from the coronavirus crisis is the only way forward.

Alison Johnstone MSP

Join the campaign to elect three Green MSPs in Lothian

Join the campaign team and help to elect Alison, Andy and Lorna in 2021 – there are lots of ways to get involved.

To find out more and to get active, please email volunteering.edin@scottishgreens.org.uk

Green MSPs working hard for you

In 2016, the people of Scotland elected six green MSPs and since then they’ve been working tirelessly for a fairer, greener Scotland:

  • The Greens have opposed fracking from the beginning, with Alison Johnstone leading the first parliamentary debate on a fracking ban back in 2014
  • Alison Johnstone’s work in parliament has meant that no benefit sanctions will be imposed on people who take part in Scottish employment programmes
  • The Greens have stood with local communities across Fife, Lothian and Central Scotland, who have campaigned against new flight paths for Edinburgh airport
  • Andy Wightman has campaigned for rules which would control the spread of holiday lets and the loss of homes from our communities
  • Greens won a smacking ban which gives children protection against physical assault
  • Alison Johnstone’s Fox and Hare Bill will end fox hunting and mountain hare killing.

Read more about our Green MSPs in the Green Impact report.

Green candidates will contest two of Lothian’s nine constituency seats

As well as aiming high in the regional list, Green candidates will also contest two of the nine constituency seats in Lothian. Alison Johnstone is running for the constituency of Edinburgh Central, while Andy Wightman is standing in Edinburgh Northern and Leith.

Knocking on doors in 2016 I was struck how many people wanted to vote Green with both their constituency and regional list votes. So this time around we are giving more voters that option and building towards our goal of winning constituencies as well as regional seats.

I am looking forward to the challenge!

Andy Wightman MSP

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The Greens rely on people like you to donate money to the campaign. We don’t have big businesses or wealthy individuals backing us.

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