Holyrood 2021

Scottish Greens are campaigning for our biggest Scottish Parliament election win in May 2021. Alison Johnstone, Lorna Slater and Kate Nevens are our lead candidates to be MSPs for Lothian.

How Scottish Green MSPs are transforming Scotland

In 2016, the people of Scotland elected six green MSPs and since then they’ve been working tirelessly for a fairer, greener Scotland and have had a big impact.

Our MSPs have used every opportunity and every bit of leverage we’ve had to deliver real change.

We’ve fought austerity, securing hundreds of millions for local services and reforming income tax so that it’s fairer whilst putting even more funds behind our public services. We’ve defended our environment, preventing the destruction of kelp forests, increasing investment in low carbon infrastructure, and much more.

Recent wins for the Greens

  • School funding for 2,000 extra teachers
  • Winter evictions ban secured
  • Tax dodgers banned from public bailouts during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Free bus travel for under 19s to be introduced in 2021
  • School grades restored following the disaster of the 2020 SQA grading system
  • End to fox hunting and mountain hare killing
  • Smacking ban which gives children protection against physical assault

Read our Green MSPs’ Green Impact report.

Join the Lothian election campaign

Join the campaign team and help to elect Alison, Lorna and Kate to represent Lothian in the Scottish Parliament – there are lots of ways to get involved.

To make a start, just email us and we’ll find something to suit you – volunteers.edin@scottishgreens.org.uk

Throughout Scotland the latest polls indicate a record 10 Green MSPs being elected in May, but we aren’t taking that for granted.

From environmental protections to fairness for our young people, we’ve shown with six MSPs that green votes get things done. With the clock ticking ever faster on climate change it’s vital to show that a Green Recovery from the coronavirus crisis is the only way forward.

Alison Johnstone MSP

Constituency and list candidates

As well as aiming high in the regional list, Green candidates will also contest two of the nine constituency seats in Lothian.

Alison Johnstone is running for the constituency of Edinburgh Central, while Lorna Slater is standing in Edinburgh Northern and Leith.

See below for our complete list of Lothian candidates.

Donate to support the Green election campaign

The Greens rely on people like you to donate money to the campaign. We don’t have big businesses or wealthy individuals backing us.

If you want to see more Green MSPs elected in 2021, please make a regular donation now on greens.scot.

Regional list candidates

  1. Alison Johnstone
  2. Lorna Slater
  3. Kate Nevens
  4. Chas Booth
  5. Steve Burgess
  6. Alys Mumford
  7. Emily Frood
  8. Ben Parker
  9. Elaine Gunn
  10. Bill Wilson
  11. Evelyn Weston
  12. Alex Staniforth

Vote Green on 6 May

Who can vote?

Anyone age 16 and over living in Scotland can vote in Scottish elections. This includes any citizens of another country who lives here.

You just need to be registered to vote.

How to vote

You need to be registered to vote. The registration deadline is midnight on Monday 19 April.

There are three ways to vote:

  1. in person at a polling station
  2. by post
  3. by asking someone to vote on your behalf (by proxy)

Postal vote

For these elections, the deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm, Tuesday 6 April 2021.

To apply you need to fill in a form and send it to the Electoral Registration Officer .