Vote Green

For a greener, fairer Edinburgh and Lothian, vote for the Scottish Green Party in local and national elections.

Who can vote?

Anyone age 16 and over living in Scotland can vote in Scottish elections. This includes citizens of other countries who live here. You just need to register to vote (see how below). You can register to vote from the age of 14, although you don’t get to vote until you are 16.

For UK-wide elections (General Elections) the rules are different. You can only vote if you are 18 or over and are British, Irish or a qualifying Commonwealth citizen, resident in the UK.

How do I vote?

You need to be registered to vote. The registration deadline is midnight on Monday 19 April for the Scottish Parliament elections on 6 May 2021.

There are three ways to cast your vote.

  1. In person – going to the polling station to vote on polling day.
  2. By post – your council will send you a posting voting pack so you can complete your ballot paper at home and return it in the post
  3. By proxy – when you can’t go to the polling station yourself so you ask a trusted person to vote on your behalf

If you want to vote in person you should receive a card with voting information at the address where you are registered. You don’t need the card to vote. To check that you are registered in Edinburgh and Lothian contact:

Electoral Registration Officer
Lothian Valuation Joint Board
17A South Gyle Crescent
Edinburgh EH12 9FL

To apply for a postal vote, download and fill in the postal vote form from and return it to the address above by 5pm, Tuesday 6 April 2021 for the elections on 6 May 2021.

Or you can use this online form.

To apply for a proxy vote, download and fill in one of the vote by proxy forms from, and return it to the address above by 5pm on Tuesday 27 April 2021 for the elections on 6 May 2021.

10 reasons to vote Green

  1. We’re the only party taking the climate emergency seriously
  2. We believe Scotland can, and will, be a successful independent country
  3. We believe in a nuclear-free Scotland
  4. We believe in a proper Living Wage for workers
  5. We believe in a Universal Basic Income for Scotland
  6. We believe public services should be in public hands
  7. We support progressive taxation that ensures the rich pay their fair share
  8. We support votes for 16 and 17 year olds in all elections
  9. We believe in open borders
  10. We believe in diversity and equality for all

Further information

For more information go to The Electoral Commission website.