Why vote Green?

At this election, our future is at stake

The Holyrood election on 6 May 2021 is our chance to tackle the climate emergency, to build a green recovery, and to secure our future as an independent European country.

A vote for the Scottish Greens means:

  • Securing a green recovery and create over 100,000 jobs by investing in public transport, warm homes and renewable energy
  • Recruiting 5,500 additional teachers and help our schools and young people recover from the pandemic
  • Investing in our NHS, including an additional £235million each year for mental health services, prioritising the needs of children and young people

In these elections, more people can vote than ever. Make sure you’re registered to vote >

What Green MSPs have achieved in Holyrood

In 2016, the people of Scotland elected six green MSPs and since then they’ve been working tirelessly for a fairer, greener Scotland and have had a big impact.

Our MSPs have used every opportunity and every bit of leverage we’ve had to deliver real change. 

We’ve fought austerity, securing hundreds of millions for local services and reforming income tax so that it’s fairer whilst putting even more funds behind our public services. We’ve defended our environment, preventing the destruction of kelp forests, increasing investment in low carbon infrastructure, and much more.

Here’s Lorna Slater, Scottish Greens Co-Leader and Holyrood candidate, talking about what Alison Johnstone has achieved as Lothian MSP:

Recent wins for the Greens

Here’s Scottish Greens Co-leader, Patrick Harvie on the Scottish budget deal Green MSPs negotiated for 2021/2022:

In 2020/21, Scottish Greens also negotiated:

  • School funding for 2,000 extra teachers
  • Winter evictions ban secured
  • Tax dodgers banned from public bailouts during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • School grades restored following the disaster of the 2020 SQA grading system
  • End to fox hunting and mountain hare killing
  • Smacking ban which gives children protection against physical assault

Vote like our future depends on it. Vote Green.