Lorne Street evictions: Greens react to suspension of evictions

Green councillors have reacted to news that the Agnes Hunter Trust has suspended attempts to evict its tenants in Lorne Street, Edinburgh.

Green housing spokesperson Cllr Steve Burgess said:

“While I am pleased that the Trust has removed the threat of en masse evictions, they should never have been threatened in the first place. In the last nine months the Trust has undermined faith in its capacity to be a landlord and caused huge anxiety for its tenants.

“And it begs the question of what next? Tenants are no clearer as to why a potential bid from Port of Leith Housing Association has not been acceptable to the Trust. Nor is it clear what the prospect is for other housing associations to take over as landlord.

“All in all, this sorry episode has shown the Trust to be incapable of managing and maintaining its properties properly. So going back to square one, as is suggested, hardly seems like a good outcome.”