Greens reflect on by-election near-miss in Edinburgh’s Leith Walk ward

The Greens said they were disappointed but not surprised in narrowly losing out in Edinburgh’s double-header by-election in Leith Walk, having secured 1381 (22%) first preference votes, an increase on 2012.

Green candidate Susan Rae said:

“Of course, I am disappointed to have fallen just short but I am hugely grateful to everyone who backed me and I congratulate Lewis Ritchie and Marion Donaldson on their success.

“Labour and SNP came first and second in Leith Walk in 2012 so it’s no surprise that those two parties should take the two places on offer.

“One of the quirks of the by-election is that Labour now has three of the four councillors in Leith Walk. Even the most tribal Labour supporter would concede that this dramatically overstates Labour’s support in the area. So I look forward to the Greens reclaiming that seat in the next full elections in 2017.








Leith Walk (Edinburgh) result (see, for full result breakdown)

SNP – 36.2% (+7.3)
LAB – 25.7% (-8.0)
GRN – 21.8% (+1.3)
CON – 7.9% (-0.3)
LDEM – 4.0% (-1.1)