Museum of Fire: Johnstone urges rethink of removal plans

Lothian MSP Alison Johnstone has today (11 February) condemned the announcement that the Edinburgh Museum of Fire will be moved to a new location.

The  Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s (SFRS) has decided to move the iconic museum from its original home on Lauriston Place.

Museum volunteers and campaigners have resisted the move, which is planned as part of the SFRS’s rationalisation following the transition to Scotland-wide fire service.

Campaigners have also highlighted that the Museum has received minimal financial support from the SFRS over the years.

In January 2016, Alison Johnstone lodged a motion (note 2)  in the Scottish Parliament, calling for support to the campaigners.

Alison Johnstone said:

“It’s a crying shame that this iconic Edinburgh institution will be torn apart. Our city has a proud history of setting up the world’s first municipal fire service, and we should do our best to showcase this history, not  hide it away in the outskirts of Edinburgh.

“The dedicated volunteers who have fought so hard to keep this museum running need to be heard. We will be doing our city a disservice if we let this important historic landmark be taken away from us.”