Greens head to Spring conference buoyed by poll

The Scottish Greens have welcomed a poll by Ipsos MORI showing that the party could be set to make gains at the council elections across Scotland in May.

The poll puts the party on eight percent of first preference votes, an indication that voters “continue to back the Greens” says Andy Wightman MSP.

More voters than ever will have the chance to elect Green councillors, with more than 200 candidates due to contest May’s council elections, more than double the 80 who stood for the party in 2012. The party meets in Glasgow at the Maryhill Burgh Halls on Saturday for its Spring Conference.

Andy Wightman MSP, the Scottish Greens’ local government spokesperson, said:

“Green council candidates from across Scotland will be buoyed by this poll that shows that voters continue to back the Greens after the party won six seats at the Holyrood election last year. More voters than ever before will get the chance to elect Green councillors who are committed to putting power in the hands of communities by protecting local services and strengthening local democracy.”