Greens press council leader to come clean on bins problems

Green councillors are pressing council leader, Andrew Burns, to make available a confidential memo on problems with the city refuse collection, after it was leaked to the press at the weekend.

Green convenor Cllr Steve Burgess, who last month obtained information that revealed that missed bin collections were up by a third in the capital, said:

“It is no secret that relationships between the Labour and SNP ruling coalition are strained to the extent that it appears that one part of the capital coalition is leaking against the other.

“But petty politics need to be put aside. The scale of the problems in the waste service are such that all councillors need to get access to all the information about the underlying reasons.

“The Green group of councillors is meeting senior officers in the next few days to determine what needs to be done to put the waste service right.  We need all the facts in front of us if that is to be meaningful.”