Greens say: Scotland can care for carers

The Scottish Greens today (26 April) underlined their commitment to supporting unpaid carers by visiting Leuchie House National Respite Centre in East Lothian.

Manifesto pledges from the Greens – who are campaigning for A Better Scotland, A Bolder Holyrood – include using new devolved powers to raise the carer’s allowance by 50 per cent from £62 a week to £93, and looking at the creation of a Young Carer’s Grant.

After visiting Leuchie House, Alison Johnstone, Health and Social Care spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP candidate for Lothian, said:

“Two million people in Scotland live with a long term condition and there are almost 800,000 unpaid adult and young carers. These numbers are set to grow, so supporting carers both financially and in terms of respite is absolutely essential. Facilities such as Leuchie provide vital respite.

“Greens are committed to providing good quality support for carers such as replacement care, short breaks, health checks and concessionary travel. It’s a real worry that the number of respite weeks delivered has been falling. Scotland can do more to care for its carers.

“We must also provide better practical information for carers so they get the best out of equipment such as wheelchairs and we must provide better access to adapted transport so people with long term conditions are not left house-bound.

“Scottish Greens have made care a central theme in this election as we see the need for bold action from Holyrood to recognise the undervalued role of carers in our society. With a stronger Green voice in our parliament we can ensure carers’ rights get the attention they deserve.”