Greens to contest Edinburgh constituencies in 2021 elections

Green candidates will contest two of Edinburgh’s six constituency seats in the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May 2021.

Current Green MSPs Alison Johnstone and Andy Wightman will lead the way, with Alison standing in Edinburgh Central as she did in 2016, while Andy will stand in Edinburgh Northern and Leith.  The decision was backed overwhelmingly by the Edinburgh branch AGM on 24 September.

The Greens have set their sights on returning 3 MSPs in Lothian next year, with party co-leader Lorna Slater seeking to join Alison and Andy in Holyrood.  And they also say they are building from experience in 2016 which showed how contesting constituencies can reinforce a winning campaign across a whole region.

Alison said:

“Throughout Scotland the latest polls indicate a record 10 Green MSPs being elected in May, but we aren’t taking that for granted. From environmental protections to fairness for our young people, we’ve shown with six MSPs that green votes get things done. With the clock ticking ever faster on climate change it’s vital to show that a Green Recovery from the coronavirus crisis is the only way forward.”

Andy added:

“Knocking on doors in 2016 I was struck how many people wanted to vote Green with both their constituency and regional list votes.  So this time around we are giving more voters that option and building towards our goal of winning constituencies as well as regional seats. I am looking forward to the challenge!”

In 2016 Alison Johnstone stood in Edinburgh Central, securing 14% of the vote share.