European election results in Edinburgh

In last week’s European election results in Edinburgh we secured the highest Green vote in Scotland with 13.9% and moved into third place in the capital ahead of the Tories and Labour. Full results are below.

Sadly, it won’t be enough to elect a Scottish Green MEP this time around. However, we are delighted to see our sister parties in England and Wales increase their number of MEPs from 3 to 7.  Across Europe, from Ireland eastwards the Greens are making marked advances and will form the largest ever Green group in the European Parliament – tackling climate change, challenging bigotry and offering hope.

Here in Edinburgh we are proud that our capital city voted overwhelmingly for parties with a clear remain message: for every clear leave voter, there were seven clear remain voters.

Thanks so much to all our supporters. Work with us to make the future Green!


SNP                   57432   33.4%
Lib Dem           39609   23.0%
Green             23868  13.9%
Conservative   17222    10.0%
Brexit                16162    9.4%
Labour              12251    7.1%
Change UK       3269    1.9%
UKIP                 1864     1.1%
Ind 1                  402       0.2%
Ind 2                  123       0.1%

TOTAL              172202