European election results in Edinburgh

In last week’s European election results in Edinburgh we secured the highest Green vote in Scotland with 13.9% and moved into third place in the capital ahead of the Tories and Labour. Full results are below.

Sadly, it won’t be enough to elect a Scottish Green MEP this time around. However, we are delighted to see our sister parties in England and Wales increase their number of MEPs from 3 to 7.  Across Europe, from Ireland eastwards the Greens are making marked advances and will form the largest ever Green group in the European Parliament – tackling climate change, challenging bigotry and offering hope.

Here in Edinburgh we are proud that our capital city voted overwhelmingly for parties with a clear remain message: for every clear leave voter, there were seven clear remain voters.

Thanks so much to all our supporters. Work with us to make the future Green!

Edinburgh Votes 2019

Party Votes Percentage
SNP 57,432 33.4%
Lib Dem 39,609 23.0%
Green 23,868 13.9%
Conservative 17,222 10.0%
Brexit 16,162 9.4%
Labour 12,251 7.1%
Change UK 3,269 1.9%
UKIP 1,864 1.1%
Ind 1 402 0.2%
Ind 2 123 0.1%
TOTAL 1,72202